February 5, 2010 @ 02:25 PM

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You got some shirts, hoodies, crews, fitteds or snapbacks that you don't want from your HUF mystery box? Wanna recoup some cash off a bunch of stuff you're not feelin?

PM me.

I'm looking to stock up on some HUF gear and I figure now is a solid time to try and load up while everyone might be tryin to unload their unwanted gear on the cheap. Pricejackers not welcome. If you paid $50 for a box and want to unload 5 tees out of it, be reasonable. Don't try to double your money off me.

I take the following sizes:

shirts, crews or hoodies: size L
fitteds: 7 5/8
snapbacks: I'm interested in most of the new era snapbacks

Hit me up. Keep in mind I need shipping to Canada though. THANKS. All deals through paypal.

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