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Renzo Rosso: Be Stupid

FeaturesComments ⋅ Feb 10, 2010
A sit down with Diesel’s founder Renzo Rosso reveals the brand’s return to its roots, its new “Be Stupid” ad campaign, and the recent appointment of Bruno Collin as Diesel’s artistic director.

HUF: American Pastime

FeaturesComments ⋅ Feb 1, 2010
Inspired by the classic film, The Sandlot, we embarked on a day long journey through the back roads of Northern California, capturing the essence of HUF Spring/Summer 2010.

Yuki Matsuda: Yuketen

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jan 25, 2010
Spearheading a brand known for its reproduction of classic styles and an unwavering penchant for high-quality materials has been a labor of love. We spoke with Yuki Mastuda, founder of Yuketen, regarding the brand itself and where he finds his inspir...

Nom de Guerre: Combat Continues

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jan 18, 2010
One-fourth of the original founding member’s of Nom de Guerre, Isa Saalabi breaks down the foundation of this premier New York City menswear label with a look into its upcoming 2010 Spring/Summer Collection.

Ian Paley: The Globetrotter

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jan 12, 2010
One of the industry’s most well-versed and knowledgeable individuals, Ian Paley of Garbstore sits down for an extensive chat into crafts we’ve all become fans of over the years.

Holiday Favorites from London

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jan 5, 2010
Highlighting the Holiday season, we take a tour of London and its diverse retail landscape with various retailers including Dover Street Market, Garbstore, and Hideout amongst others.


FeaturesComments ⋅ Dec 29, 2009
Gaining further insight into the upcoming collaborative project between A BATHING APE® and AMBUSH® Design, we sit down with the legendary Japanese designer NIGO® as well as VERBAL & YOON for an insightful chat session.

Mayer Hawthorne: The Vinyl Junkie

FeaturesComments ⋅ Dec 21, 2009
His debut album “Strange Arrangement” marks a more than promising beginning for a successful music career. Keeping in mind that major artists are now knocking on his door, one can only assume what the future has in store for Mayer Hawthor...

Madsaki: All Day I Dream About Sunsex

FeaturesComments ⋅ Dec 8, 2009
We catch up with Japanese artist Madsaki to chat about various topics, including his recent gallery show, All Day I Dream About Sunsex, and increased role in the world of creative creations.

Bobby Hundreds: 80′s Icons to the Present

FeaturesComments ⋅ Dec 1, 2009
We catch up with Bobby Hundreds as he breaks down The Hundreds new collaboration with the DeLorean Motor Co. and how far the brand has come along in such a short period of time.

Mademoiselle Yulia: On The Tipping Point

FeaturesComments ⋅ Nov 24, 2009
In recent times, the name Mademoiselle Yulia has become more and more notable. With success at her finger-tips and a great network amongst her, she is on that tipping point to becoming a global phenomenon.

The World of Kuntzel + Deygas

FeaturesComments ⋅ Nov 11, 2009
Florence Deygas and Olivier Kuntzel have forged an unmatched bond as one of the most prolific graphic design duos in France. We had the honorable opportunity to catch up with both at the pair’s studio in Paris.

Eric Koston: The Return

FeaturesComments ⋅ Nov 2, 2009
We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Eric Koston and speak about his return to Oakley, new product line, and exhibition in Japan with Atiba Jefferson & Keiichi Nitta.

CLOT 2009 Fall/Winter “From Dusk Till Dawn” Collection

FeaturesComments ⋅ Oct 26, 2009
One of the region’s most powerful players in the focus of streetwear and street culture, Hong Kong’s CLOT offers a look into its 2009 Fall/Winter Collection, entitled From Dusk Till Dawn.

Tom Routh: At the Root of Innovation

FeaturesComments ⋅ Oct 20, 2009
With his beginnings brought on by an interest in designing backpacks under his own brand CirqueWorks and five years at the legendary Arc’teryx brand, Tom Routh has become a renowned figure in the world of snowboarding. We catch up with the desi...