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Sean Reveron: Music as the Basis

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jun 15, 2010
Sean Reveron’s past spans two coasts and more than his fair share of prominent subcultures. In the following feature we delve into the extensive musical background of Sean Reveron as well as gaining some of his thoughts into his new brand, Rock...

Ryan Willms: The Gastown Culmination

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jun 7, 2010
In an ongoing expansion, the move to the offline world will take place with the opening of the INVENTORY space in Vancouver’s Gastown area. We took the opportunity to catch up with Ryan Willms, founder of INVENTORY.

Taka Hayashi: Pen & Paper

FeaturesComments ⋅ Jun 1, 2010
Given a unique opportunity, we were able to catch up with Vans’ Taka Hayashi and speak of the many influences that have brought his masterful ideas to the forefront of this current sneaker landscape.

Eric So x Wyman Wong: YSOFUN

FeaturesComments ⋅ May 19, 2010
Both emerging out of Hong Kong’s creative scene on opposite spectrums, lyricist Wyman Wong and toy-maker Eric So’s latest collaboration brings together two very different entities. We catch up with both to discuss this intriguing collabor...

Primitive Essentials

FeaturesComments ⋅ May 10, 2010
Continuing our HYPEBEAST Essentials series, we catch up with Andy, Paul, Jay, and Jubal of Primitive, learning exactly what keeps their fine tuned machine in constant motion. Enjoy!

Sidney Lo: Taking Pictures Of People Who Take Pictures Of Themselves

FeaturesComments ⋅ May 5, 2010
We catch up with photographer Sidney Lo to gain a better understanding into his new book, Taking Pictures Of People Who Take Pictures Of Themselves. Any fans of WDYWT threads will surely enjoy this one!

Levi’s® Lefty Jean by Takahiro Kuraishi

FeaturesComments ⋅ Apr 28, 2010
Japan remains well-represented with the launch of the new diffusion label, Levi’s® Lefty Jean by Takahiro Kuraishi. Here we catch up with designers Takahiro Miyashita of Number (N)ine fame and Kazuki Kuraishi.

David Choe: Locked & Loaded

FeaturesComments ⋅ Apr 21, 2010
We recently had the opportunity to ask artist David Choe a few questions, which garnered some interesting answers indicative of the artist’s approach to life. Some of the answers may offend some.

JUICE Taiwan

FeaturesComments ⋅ Apr 14, 2010
As one of Asia’s leading retailers, Hong Kong-originated JUICE and its subsequent brand CLOT forge ahead with another retail location in 2010. We took the opportunity to speak briefly with JUICE and CLOT co-founder Kevin Poon to get a quick ins...

Tanner Goods: Contemporary American Heritage

FeaturesComments ⋅ Mar 24, 2010
Having the opportunity to speak to Tanner Goods, we gained a greater sense of the it’s background from their agency past to how a leather-based brand situates and looks to grow itself in the current landscape. Enjoy!

Kiya Babzani: Where the Past Will Take US

FeaturesComments ⋅ Mar 16, 2010
Having had a seminal influence in the growth and development of Japanese denim in North America, Kiya Babzani has seen his passion turn into his livelihood. This particular interview is far from a quick read, so shut down your MSN and close your emai...

Harry McNally: Year Five

FeaturesComments ⋅ Mar 8, 2010
Approaching its fifth anniversary, PEGLEG NYC has quietly maintained a presence throughout the New York landscape. We caught up with Harry McNally as he outlined the brand’s beginnings as well as working with one of America’s most innova...

POW WOW: A Meeting of Creative Minds

FeaturesComments ⋅ Mar 3, 2010
Last weekend, we had the pleasure of attending a series of events thrown by a handful of friends which operated under the moniker of POW WOW. We spoke with some of the artists involved, including Jasper Wong, Yue Wu, Will Barras and Pat Lee, over a s...

Erik Brunetti: Behind The Doctrine

FeaturesComments ⋅ Feb 24, 2010
For some time, the creative abilities of Erik Brunetti have been apparent throughout his apparel brand FUCT. Fascinated by his new project, we took the opportunity to speak with Brunetti about his directorial debut with The Doctrine.

Masafumi Watanabe: The Gentleman’s Way

FeaturesComments ⋅ Feb 15, 2010
In the last few seasons, Japanese brand Bedwin has exploded in popularity. Brand founder Masafumi Watanabe chats with us about his personal influences, travels, and Bedwin’s great success.