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Frank Ocean Collaborator Wolfgang Tillmans' "Make It Up As You Go Along" Receives Salem Remix

A break from your Frank Ocean listening sessions.

This month, renowned art-world veteran Wolfgang Tillmans received a huge boost in his mainstream and pop culture profile thanks to some work on Frank Ocean‘s latest round of releases. During that media-blitz, it was also revealed that Tillmans had a new musical project in the work. Entitled Device Control, the piece was said to have a new remix from Salem included. Today, courtesy of FADER, that rework of Tillmans’ “Make It Up As You Go Along” has emerged. Responding to a question from FADER regarding the new Salem remix of his song and his initial discovery of the act, Tillmans had the following to say to break down today’s drop:

There is a pleasure in art to formulate a nonsensical idea in its most clear way, which then totally makes sense. I felt, and still feel, that pleasure when I hear “King Night” and other Salem tracks. You think it can’t become more dense, more absurd, you can’t fit more frequencies and emotions into this audio space…And that’s where I sympathize with them. I’m enormously proud that they delivered that quality on their remix of “Make It Up As You Go Along.” The original is blasted away except for the melancholic harmony running throughout, and everything else is replaced by a wall of intense sounds which they felt inspired to use by their time in the rural South. It’s kind of perplexing, given that it sounds as much like inner city meltdown in U.S.A. 2016.

You can stream the new Salem remix of “Make It Up As You Go Along” via its official visual above.

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