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Paul Wall Claims That Syrup Doesn't Kill People

In fact, the Houston rapper says that he leans every day.

Syrup, codeine, drank, mud, lean, sizzurp — it’s currently rap’s hottest drug and different people have different things to say about it. Paul Wall, who is a passionate advocate of the drug, claims in an interview with DJ Smallz that there has never been proof that the drug itself has killed anybody. The Houston rapper claims that it’s other variables — like the pairing of Xanax pills or alcohol with lean, or the sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle sippers partake in — that cause death and/or health complications. He blames other sicknesses, like sleep apnea, diabetes and heart failure for the deaths of legends like Pimp C and Big Moe, who were believed to have died from codiene-promethazine overdose. Paul even claims that he sips every day, and it hasn’t caused him any problems because he lives a healthy lifestyle otherwise. The only thing being killed, he claims, is the culture by vultures who take part in it without acknowledging its roots. Just remember, don’t Xan with that lean, kids. Paul wants you to eat your vegetables if you’re going to do it. (Just kidding, don’t do drugs.) Watch his passionate speech above.

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