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Kanye West "Didn't Really Know Who Max B Is," But Wants to Free Him Now

He didn’t even know about the original wave God.

When the first shots in the mishap concerning one of Kanye West‘s earlier album titles were being fired off, Kanye apparently “didn’t really know who Max B” was. In a new interview with Hot 97, French Montana breaks it down as such regarding the Waves fiasco:

“With Max, where he at in life in general, I feel like he appreciates everything. He takes it as a form of flattery when things like that happen. He was just happy. He was excited to see somebody like Kanye… Cause actually, Kanye didn’t really know who Max B is, which was kind of strange to me when me and him was talking. But once I gave him the homework behind everything, we got it together.”

Montana also called Kanye “the voice of our generation” and said he speaks to ‘Ye on a daily basis. After French hipped him to the Wave God, Yeezy was apparently completely on-board with aiding Max B’s current fight:

[Kanye’s] probably the first one to call me out of nowhere when his album just dropped, like an hour after his album just dropped, and just asked me, ‘What can we do to get Max B out? Let me use my power to get him out.’ That never happened before from nobody. So, I got a lot of respect for him for that. Because you know how much Max B mean to me and mean to the culture of hip-hop.”

If you’re still curious Kanye, we got your back, too. Max B himself also addressed this matter a couple weeks ago.

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