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Bryson Tiller Hates Rejection

That’s why the singer doesn’t really holler at girls or ask for features.

Bryson Tiller is hands down one of, if not the most, impressive and promising newcomers of 2015; the singer-rapper was able to perfect the sound that so many others were going for. PAPER Magazine linked up with Tiller for a short but revealing interview and the publication branded him as “one of the most exciting young voices in R&B.” In the conversation he talked about his favorite artists, wanting to get into film and more. Read a snippet of the interview below and check out the full feature here.

Why did you decide not to have any features on your first album?

I’m weird about features and asking another artist for one. I hate getting rejected, which is why I don’t really holler at girls for real. So it’s hard for me to go up to other artists and go, “Yo, do you wanna get on my song?” and they turn you down and be like “Nah.” So I’ll just do it myself. If someone’s not going to rap on my song, I’ll rap it myself. If they won’t sing on my song, I just sing on it myself.

Now that your music is blowing up and you’re signed to a major label, what has been the biggest change in your life?

The way people act towards me. Because I’m a person that nobody really called, nobody really looked at, nobody really…nobody ever paid attention to me. So just the fact that everybody wants to be in my line now. Everybody…girls are trying to talk to me. Dudes are trying to be my friend. It’s just crazy to me. It’s the number one difference.

Is it a good or bad difference?

I don’t know because I don’t know how to handle it. So I don’t know if it’s bad or good. It could be bad, if I don’t learn how to adjust and get use to it. Because even when I’m onstage and I have to talk to people and say things, it’s just weird to me because I’ve never really talked to anybody. I talk to the same five people and I’m just so comfortable with those people that I just be myself. But lately I’ve been learning just to be myself onstage and it seems like people are responding in a good way.

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