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Converse CONS Talks Writing Graffiti with Kaput

As times change and new styles and techniques enter the game, Kaput has remained true to his bold semi-traditional style tinged with New York graffiti influences. Co-founder of Vandal Team Supreme (VTS), Kaput and his crew have continued to spread their presence across the globe with their tags. Check out the interview below where he shares his life of writing and his thoughts on the road ahead.

When did you start writing?

I started  with spray paint, markers and stickers around 1996.

When you first started did you feel like you had to work hard at it or did it come naturally?

I was already artistic which helped the creative side. It took time getting control of the can,which is something every new writer experiences.

Did being in Canada play a part in that?

Canada does have a relaxed view towards writing but I wouldn’t know any different. It was only until I traveled the US and saw first hand what this world was like.

Was it consuming at first?

I was consumed with skateboarding at the time I started. Then over a short period, I dropped the skateboard to write graffiti exclusively.

What keeps you writing after all these years?

The fact it’s still fun as hell for me keeps me going. Lately it has led to life-changing opportunities in the art world.

What has been your experience so far delving into the art world?

I’ve been pretty lucky over the past few years. Projects have been continuously falling in my lap. I am really excited for what’s next!

What are some of your inspirations for graffiti and illustration?

My graffiti inspiration has come from traditional letter styles, mainly New York-based. My illustration has been influenced by kooky comics and psychedelic art.

Can you talk about what kind of stuff you collect?

Lately I’ve been into knick knacks that you would find at a flea market or a thrift store. Just things that look bizarre or creepy, like clowns for example. These things can influence my art as well.

How critical are you about your own work?

I’ve always been a picky guy but try to have fun with what I’m doing at the time. With graffiti or fine art, you’re never satisfied, it’s always onto the next.

Do you have a favorite piece you have painted?

Not really I guess, I do have a lot of pieces I hate though.

How important is traveling to a graffiti writer?

Graffiti is about getting your name up, so globally would be the ultimate writing experience. The thirst for travel should never stop!

How have travel and experiences impacted your style?

Every time I travel I pick up some kind of style reference from that particular place. It just happens naturally.


That would be VTS, a crew I started with Remio in 2002. We now have members worldwide. Not so secret anymore!

How do you see yourself aging in graffiti?

As I’ve aged, it’s a bit harder to find the time. Although, never have I taken a break before and won’t anytime soon!

What advice do you have for someone that is starting to write graffiti?

After sacrificing and putting in a lot of time, you may be given a sketch from an established writer. Don’t change it and just try and duplicate it. Best style advice!

For more information on Converse CONS, head over to their Tumblr as well as CONS EP.

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