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  • Image of Facebook Introduces Slingshot Mobile App

Facebook Introduces Slingshot Mobile App

Late last year, Facebook famously submitted a bid for the budding Snapchat, which thus far has done well to not only carve its own niche of the mobile app market, but snatch a generation of users. Not two full churns of the market season later, Facebook Creative Lab has introduced an interesting foil to Evan Spiegel and the Snapchat machine – presently offering Slingshot. The app allows users to share short videos and photos with as many users as they’d like (called a “Shot”), but the recipients can only view the content if they share something back (thus: “Sling”). Sharing image favors, of course, lends itself to a kind of ‘hypersharing’ – a trait of Snapchat users Facebook ostensibly seeks to appeal to. Developed for iOS platforms as well as Android KitKat and Jelly Bean, the app can be further explored here.

Date: Jun 18, 2014  /  Views: 13  /  Author: Josh Davis  /  Source: designboom
Category: Style  /  Tags: Apps, Android, Ios, Facebook, Facebook creative labs, Slingshot