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Brabus 800 iBusiness

As next month’s Geneva Auto Show draws closer, car manufacturer Brabus gears up to debut its 800 iBusiness model based on the popular Mercedes-Benz G65 AMG. The iBusiness model is a combination of both functionality and power with its Apple multimedia system, and an upgraded V12 engine boasting approximately 788 horsepower. Furthermore the G Class is fitted with Brabus’ Platinum Edition 23-inch wheels as well as their patented Widestar widebody. The Apple-equipped interior allows passengers the ultimate experience in automotive multimedia with its ability to connect to any Apple device from a Mac mini to Apple TV. Stay tuned for the official release of the Brabus iBusiness at this month’s Geneva Auto Show.

Date: Mar 1, 2014  /  Views: 67  /  Author: Johnathan Beckett
Category: Lifestyle  /  Tags: Mercedes-benz, Automotive, Brabus, Mercedes-benz g-class, Mercedes-benz g65 amg