• Image of Norman Foster Proposes 220km Elevated Bike Path in London

Norman Foster Proposes 220km Elevated Bike Path in London

As many more urban areas begin to act on their environmental impact, we’re seeing an influx in bike-friendly initiatives, e.g. ensuring the safety of cyclists through the placement of specified bike lanes in between parked cars and sidewalks. In the latest inventive scheme, Foster + Partners has unveiled a plan that could transfer London’s railways into cycling freeways on an elevated network of paths built above the city’s existing lines. A lateral approach in finding scarce space within a congested metropolis, the 220-kilometer-long “SkyCycle” – as it has been coined – will connect more than 6 million residents via 200 entrance points for a safer and cleaner commute. Having already received backing from Network Rail and Transport for London, a 6.5 km trial route is expected to cost £220 million GBP (approximately $361 million USD). If approved, the SkyCycle project could become a reality by 2035.

Date: Jan 3, 2014  /  Views: 52  /  Author: Robert Marshall  /  Source: Arch Daily
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