HYPEBEAST Eats... Bun Fights Burgers by Restoration and Posto Pubblico

Amalgamating music and food together, Ear Belly presented Bun Fights – an event inviting Hong Kong’s most prolific chefs to cook-up their own carnivore interpretations of the burger. Creating an off-the-menu exclusive for the event, renown chefs from Blue Butcher, Post Pubblico, The Pawn, and Restoration took part, flaunting their unique culinary disciplines under one roof. Here, Jack Carson of New Orleans’ restaurant Restoration goes head-to-head with New York chef Vinny Lauria of Posto Pubblico. Prior to Bun Fight, both chefs previous crossed paths under the same New York practice with little acquaintance with one another. Having embarked on their respective careers, the chefs overlap again under one grill. Cast you eyes over the “Pied Du Cochon with Gribiche” burger and “Staff Party Hangover Fix” burger below and let us know which one you prefer.

The Restoration “Pied Du Cochon with Gribiche” Burger

Jack Carson looks to tradition creole culinary as inspiration, reiterating Iron Chef John Besh’s pig feet tureen recipe via 30 hours of preparation. Adding his own melange of spices and rare seasoning from Southeastern Louisiana, and you have one of the most sought-after burgers out there.

Ingredients (Pig Feet Tureen)
  1. 01 Pig feet
  2. 02 Foie Gras
  3. 03 1 sprig of Rosemary
  4. 04 1 sprig of Thyme
  5. 05 1 sprig of Sage
  6. 06 Carrots
Ingredients (Egg wash and breading mix)
  1. 01 Flour
  2. 02 Panko, Japanese bread crumbs
  3. 03 2 Eggs
Ingredients (Sauce)
  1. 01 Cooked Egg White
  2. 02 Shallots
  3. 03 Capers
  4. 04 Gherkins
  5. 05 Lemon juice
  6. 06 Cocktail onions
  7. 07 Steen’s sugar cane vinegar
  8. 08 Mayonnaise
Step 1
Basic burger ingredients, pig feet tureen, egg wash, breading mix and sauce ingredients.
Step 2
Cook pig feet and knuckles for 30 hours till the meat falls off, and the bones and gelatin becomes soft and buttery. Dice the meat and bones into small pieces. Add diced foie gras, rosemary, thyme, sage and carrots. Roll the content into a long Pied Du Cochon tureen log and leave to cool for two days to set and gel.
Step 3
Slice the tureen log into burger patties.
Step 4
Crack 2 eggs, add 1 tbsp of water, salt, pepper and cajun to make egg wash.
Step 5
Cover the tureen in flour, then egg wash, then panko.
Step 6
Coat the tureen in egg wash, flour and panko again to pack in the flavor.
Step 7
Leave the bearded tureen to refrigerate for an hour to harden.
Step 8
Dice up the cooked egg whites, shallots, capers, gherkins, cocktail onions, sage and thyme.
Step 9
Throw all content into a mixing bowl, add 2 tbsp of mayonnaise, squeeze half a lemon, 1 tbsp of Steen’s sugar cane vinegar, salt, pepper and mix to make the sauce.
Step 10
Deep fry breaded tureen.
Step 11
Mix salad with Steen’s sugar cane vinegar.
Step 12
Build burger with the aforementioned.
Step 13

The Posto “Staff Party Hangover Fix” Burger

Vinny Lauria opts for a more classic approach in his burger, adapting the standard recipe with quality substitutes, and since it was created the morning after a staff party, the aptly named “Hangover Fix” burger is served with a California craft beer: Acme Indian pale ale to quench the hair of the dog.

  1. 01 Burger bun
  2. 02 Homemade spicy dill pickles
  3. 03 Grounded pepper and sea salt
  4. 04 Roasted garlic
  5. 05 Sliced plum tomatoes
  6. 06 Chopped Spanish onion
  7. 07 Sriracha ketchup
  8. 08 Roasted garlic Aioli mayonnaise
  9. 09 Homemade barbecue bacon
  10. 10 Sliced British Cheddar cheese
  11. 11 Organic Australian OBE beef
  12. 12 California craft beer: Acme Indian pale ale
Step 1
Ingredients: (from left to right) Sliced homemade bacon, sliced onion, tomatoes and homemade spicy dill pickles, lettuce, 110 oz of OBE beef, seasoning – roasted garlic, salt, pepper, Acme Indian pale ale, cheddar cheese, burger buns, 2 tbsp each of roasted garlic Aioli mayonnaise and Sriracha ketchup.
Step 2
Season the mince patty with salt, pepper and garlic.
Step 3
Grill the homemade barbecue bacon.
Step 4
Put the burger patty on the flat top.
Step 5
Layer the burger patty with cheddar cheese.
Step 6
Toast the burger buns.
Step 7
Layer the burger with mince patty, cheese and bacon.
Step 8
Top up with salad and Sriracha ketchup and Aioli mayonnaise.
Step 9
Consume The Posto “Staff Party Hangover Fix” Burger with one of California microbrew’s finest, Acme Indian pale ale.

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