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Bamford Watch Department Rolex Yacht-Master II

Originally introduced by Rolex in 2010, the second generation Yacht-Master II receives a Bamford Watch Department reproduce as the first luxury watch customization house to offer this timepiece to the general public. Presented with gleaming blue highlights as well as BWD’s ubiquitous military-grade titanium black coating and black bezel, founder George Bamford says of his reproduction, “We loved the blue bezel, and, using that bezel as a starting point, we blackened the dial and added our own blue and white/black highlights to create this classic yet understated look.” For sea masters and wristwatch enthusiasts alike, the Yacht-Master II features the world’s first programmable countdown with a mechanical memory to synchronize with the vital starting moments of a yacht race, in addition to a ring command bezel that controls it. Both colorways of Bamford Watch Department Yacht-Master II are now available exclusively at select dealers with prices available upon request.

Date: Aug 19, 2013  /  Views: 23  /  Author: Robert Marshall
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