• Image of ‘Entourage’ Movie Among 31 Projects Approved for California Tax Credits

‘Entourage’ Movie Among 31 Projects Approved for California Tax Credits

Yesterday, the California Film Commission announced that the Golden State will be issuing $100 million in tax credits to a group of 30 qualifying projects with the hopes they maintain production in state. Although not all will receive a credit, among the qualifying projects feature film Entourage seems to be leading the way for a bid. Having already obtained the green light from Warner Bros. back in January, the feature version of HBO’s Hollywood-based series was always going to film at least a portion of its big screen debut in California, however now it will be doing it with a 20% tax credit. Based on info provided by its applicants, the Commission estimates the total sum of all projects will spend more than $771 million in state, including more than $290 million in qualified wages, employing around 2,980 cast members, 3,730 crew members and 80,680 extras/stand-ins. Other applicants include MTV’s Teen Wolf series, Justified, The Bundheads and many more.

Date: Jun 5, 2013  /  Views: 10  /  Author: Robert Marshall
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