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Jupe by Jackie 2014 Spring/Summer Lookbook

As any guy past a certain age can attest, man cannot live on T-shirts and jeans alone. Some occasions — work, weddings or black tie events — call for a shirt and tie, something Jackie Villevoye knows a thing or two about. Established in 2010, her label Jupe by Jackie hand-embroiders ties using the expertise of master artisans in India, adding depth and personality to an accessory that can sometimes seem stuffy and dated. Jupe by Jackie’s new collection for Spring/Summer 2014 features neckties, bow ties, pocket squares and scarf ties, each one made of silk and boasting the exquisite needlework that has become Villevoye’s signature. We recently chatted with the designer to learn more about the ties, what’s new for the season, and her favorite knot (hint: it’s not the Windsor). Read the Q&A below, and look for Jupe by Jackie’s 2014 Spring/Summer 2014 collection at fine retailers like Barneys New York, Dover Street Market London, colette, and the label’s own website.

Can you introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Jackie Villevoye, designer and owner of the brand Jupe by Jackie.

Tell us a bit about Jupe by Jackie and the ties you produce.

Jupe by Jackie is proud to be the first hand embroidered tie label in the world. The embroidery adds depth to the tie that printed silk can never achieve.

What’s new this season?  

A wide tie inspired by a photo of David Hockney in the ’70s — he was wearing a pretty crazy tie!

Do you have a favorite tie from the new collection? 

My favorite from the latest collection is “Crescent in Grey.”

What is the role of ties in men’s wardrobes today and where do Jupe ties come into play? 

In the old days, a tie was a formality – men were obliged to wear it with their uniforms or merely wore it to “finish off” the shirt. By launching the Jupe tie, I believe we have added an artistic value to the total look. The colors and designs make the person wearing the tie more interesting — and therefore more beautiful.

What’s a good starting point for selecting a tie?

For me, the color combination is always the starting point.

What ties do you prefer for work? For weddings?

For work, there is no advice. It totally depends on the person wearing in combination with his selected base pieces. For weddings, I just made a series of ties for the groom and his best men, all in grey but each person with different shades of flowers. On the backside of each time, the date and title are hand-embroidered. The end result — seeing those men all together — will be an amazing and precious memory afterward. For black tie I love bow ties, but in my latest collection I also made navy a satin tie with black sparkle embroidery, giving a new approach to “black tie.”

What is the knot you prefer?

The four-in-hand.

In general, how do you go about pairing ties and shirts? How about mixing patterns?

As long as the color combination of shirt and collar are a good match, all is fine. There are no rules, really. It’s all about personal style and daring to wear what you like best.

What should a tie match (if anything)? 

A tie can be used as the ultimate way of profiling one’s look — it’s a man’s jewel. It’s hard to explain, but when a shirt and tie complement each other, the eyes and skin are highlighted just the way they should.

What’s one bit of advice you’d give to guys searching for their own style?

Style is the best tool to accentuate one’s individuality; use it wisely but instinctively.

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