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The Talks: A$AP Rocky

In many ways, the success of A$AP Rocky has signaled a changing of the guard in hip-hop. Stylish, multi-talented and fun-loving, Pretty Flacko recently sat down with The Talks for a conversation on music, the current generation, and a few of his favorite topics, including fashion, weed and sex. An excerpt from The Talks: A$AP Rocky interview is below. Head over to The Talks here to read the full conversation.

ASAP Rocky, Prince once said, “When I want to hear good music, I write it myself.” Do you ever feel like that?

That’s a great way to put it. Honestly man, I look around sometimes and I feel like hip hop is just mediocre at times. I don’t really hear too many hip hop songs that I would necessarily create.

A lot of it is just about expensive things.

Yeah, but I feel like even outside of hip hop there are luxurious desires that people have all the time. I don’t necessarily blame hip hop at the end of the day. I feel like hip hop rappers glorify it too much, but for the most part it’s not bad wanting something nice for yourself. It’s not bad wanting the best for yourself, you know?

Of course, but it seems much more present in rap music than elsewhere.

Many rappers come from poverty and people always want what they can’t have.

Is that why you have a dollar sign in your name?

Well, my name is Flacko. That’s what everybody calls me – my mom, my friends, my family.

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