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HYPEBEAST Eats... Fried Salmon Sandwich by Dee and Ricky's Home Cooking

Most people don’t know that the fashionable duo Dee and Ricky excel in cooking in addition to their laundry list of other talents. They began experimenting in their grandmother’s kitchen as kids and today are still applying playful food combinations to the menu at Dee and Ricky’s Home Cooking. In a sense, they never stopped playing with their food. In honor of this HYPEBEAST Eats segment, the Caribbean/Soul Food restaurant created a fun take on a fried salmon sandwich by incorporating rum soaked peaches, a blend of their secret spices, and of course their custom Dee&Ricky alphabet grill toasted bun. The sandwich is accompanied by the restaurant’s most popular sides, BBQ sweet potato fries and grits brûlée. Their experimental energy is insistent in this dish, where the familiar, fun and exotic meet; as spice collides softly with sweet.

  1. 01 Tomato
  2. 02 Egg
  3. 03 Freshly Sliced Peach
  4. 04 Peppercorns
  5. 05 Green Onion
  6. 06 8oz Salmon Filet
  7. 07 Salt
  8. 08 Dee and Ricky’s House Barbecue Seasoning
  9. 09 Stone Ground Grits
  10. 10 Cornmeal
  11. 11 Sugar
  12. 12 Butter
  13. 13 Sweet Potatoes
  14. 14 Milk
  15. 15 Rum
  16. 16 Jerk Mayo
  17. 17 Flour
  18. 18 Spinach
  19. 19 Egg Roll
  20. 20 Brûlée Torch
Step 1
Ingredients: (from left to right)
Tomato, Egg, Freshly Sliced Peach, Peppercorns, Green Onion, 8oz Salmon Filet, Salt, Dee and Ricky’s House Barbecue Seasoning, Stone Ground Grits, Cornmeal, Sugar, Butter, Sweet Potatoes, Milk, Rum, Jerk Mayo, Flour, Spinach, Egg Roll, Brûlée Torch
Step 2 / Grits Brûlée
Pour milk, salt, and butter into a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Keep stirring until the grits thicken. Pour grits into a soufflé pan and top with sugar. Torch until brown and garnish with green onions.
Step 3 / Fried Salmon Sandwich
Dip salmon filet in egg wash.
Step 4 / Fried Salmon Sandwich
Then toss into a salt, pepper, cornmeal and flour mixture. Place is deep fryer at 375 and remove when golden brown. Fry until golden brown. Soak peaches in rum. Grill until caramelized.
Step 5 /Fried Salmon Sandwich
Toast eggroll on custom Dee and Ricky grill.
Step 6 / Fried Salmon Sandwich
Assemble sandwich by adding jerk mayo to the bun, peaches, tomato, spinach, and salmon.
Step 7 / Sweet Potato Fries
Peel and slice sweet potatoes. Fry in deep fryer. Throw on Dee and Ricky’s secret house barbecue seasoning.
Step 8
DirectorJazmin Johnson
PhotographerRuss & Reyn

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