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  • Image of Essentials: Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo

Essentials: Russ Abbott of Ink & Dagger Tattoo

Russ Abbott works a tattoo gun as an extension of his hand, weaving away at intricate designs influenced by a love for antique aesthetics. He is a man defined by his individual work – evidenced through Ink & Dagger, his highly successful tattoo parlor in Decatur, Georgia. Given his profile, serious dedication to craft, and obsession with a finished product, it seems only fitting that artistic supplies are what make Abbott tick. In this edition of Essentials, Abbott takes us through what he needs to get through a day. Beyond a quality pair of jeans and a shirt on his back, it’s easy to see that to Abbott, the tools of expression are everything.

Date: Feb 15, 2013  /  Views: 62  /  Author: Josh Davis
Category: Style  /  Tags: Essentials, Russ abbott, Ink & dagger tattoo