Zero FX Stealthfighter Motorcycle

The FX Stealthfighter Motorcycle has one goal: to ride. That may be so for all things wheeled, but what Zero’s done in this case is strip away all embellishments while constructing an all-terrain, easy to fuel bike made for those that seek a no-frills, get-on-your-bike-and-go experience. Firstly, the Stealthfighter weighs only 280 lbs, and together with its suspension system and off-road capabilities, the bike can handle practically any terrain with ease. It’s powered by an all-electric Z-Force Motor that generates 70 ft-lbs of torque and 44 hp, and boasts 95% of charge in around only an hour from any standard outlet. As for design, its stealth-like minimalistic outer with an all-black finish offers a straightforward approach that this is in fact a motorcycle, not a show pony, and aims to keep you focused on the road as opposed to tassels in your face. With that said, it’s still a mean looking machine, and one that can be purchased from Zero Motorcycles directly at $10,000 USD.

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