HYPEBEAST Road Trips Japan: Eats at the 548-Year-Old Honke Owariya in Kyoto

Honke Owariya is kind of a big deal in Kyoto, Japan and has got that soba game on lock. Established in 1465 doubling as a noodle shop and confectionery, Honke Owariya is mainly recognized for its traditional buckwheat soba noodles. Located within walking distance from the Imperial Palace, this restaurant also happens to be held in high regard by the Japanese Emperor’s family, being a family-favorite over the last 548 years. The menu is simple, consisting of all soba everything served hot or cold along with a few udon and tempura dishes. Their signature Hourai Soba set is served with stacks on stacks on stacks of soba along with eight toppings – mushroom, sliced egg, sesame wasabi, seaweed, leeks, deep fried shrimp, grated white radish and grated red pepper. Honke Owariya is a definitely worthy of a spot on the That Food Cray !!! approved list and a must-visit visiting when in Kyoto!

Honke Owariya
322 Kurumayacho-Nijyo
Kyoto, 604-0841
p: +81-75-231-3446

Stay tuned over the course of the next few days as we highlight food, fashion, design and more. For more HYPEBEAST Road Trips adventures, check our inaugural trip to Portland.

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