HYPEBEAST Road Trips Japan: Traveling Through Modernity and Tradition

If you’ve followed the arc of  HYPEBEAST since its inception, we’ve maintained an affinity for the creativity and influence that accompanies Japanese culture. For anybody who’s set foot in the country, there’s something paradoxical about the simultaneous societal order and creativity that emerges from within.

Japanese streetwear, its magazine culture, and obscene levels of detailing often ensured that we found something interesting to analyze and dissect at HYPEBEAST. While post comments about “I CAN’T READ THIS” and “WHY DON’T YOU POST SOMETHING I DON’T NEED TO PROXY” seemed to have diminished over the years, we can’t help but feel that part of Japan’s allure was that it maintained a sort of disconnection to the outside world. Japanese brands up until recently didn’t sell globally and language barriers were always an issue that prevented a seamless sharing of information. But this also meant every time you returned to Japan as a traveler, there was something new to uncover and experience. Whether it was people-watching stylish shoppers and their inherent understanding of mixing high and low fashion, or the search for that tiny five-seat bar within the mazy streets of Tokyo, adventure was always beckoning.

In our second  HYPEBEAST Road Trips, we took with us cultural connector and creative Toon fan, Simon Wainwright, “Nicole Fung of That Food Cray !!! and writer Joy Yoon (who authored The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas) to kick off our HYPEBEAST Road Trips Japan. Starting off in familiar surroundings in Tokyo, we made our way westwards towards the likes of Kyoto, Osaka, Sakai City and Kobe. The goal was to uncover new adventures and take a deep look into tradition. It’s old vs. new which serves as juxtaposition against the ultra modern landscape that many associate with present day Japan.

Stay tuned over the course of the next few days as we highlight food, fashion, design and more. For more HYPEBEAST Road Trips adventures, check our inaugural trip to Portland.

HYPEBEAST Road Trips aims to take you across the world and provide you insights into some of the lesser known cultural institutions relevant to our culture. Follow cultural connector and creative Toon fan, Simon Wainwright, Nicole Fung of That Food Cray !!! and writer Joy Yoon (who authored The Best Things to Do in Los Angeles: 1001 Ideas) as we examine and experience some of the most interesting entities across fashion, food, design and art through our HYPEBEAST Road Trips.We’d like to thank TUMI, Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, Onitsuka Tiger and Aoi Kyoto Stay for their support of this opportunity.

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