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Following up on HYPETRAK‘s last custom mix, the groovy “Drive Slow, Homie” playlist by Ta-ku, here we find Los Angeles-based DJ KITTENS assembling a smooth, sensual playlist entitled For(e)Play. The title does well to chart the ebbs and flows of the mixtape. Understated tones of Omarion, Drake and burgeoning French act STWO say all the right words in the beginning, transitioning into KITTENS’ roots in old-school hip-hop, then finishing with hard, thumping tracks from gLAdiator, J.U.D. and Busta Rhymes. Get to know KITTENS in the interview below, then waste no time listening to For(e)Play, conveniently featured here.

Who are you?
A mildy shy chick from LA who loves cats, hip-hop, cake and playing good tunes for people that like good music.

How did you approach this mix?
Making a mix for me is a totally different game than playing out for people live. There’s no one in a room that you need to make dance. No promoters yelling at you to play specific stuff. No one’s energy to really vibe off of. So it’s an opportunity to be open and vulnerable and really share something a bit more personal for me.

I wanted to call it “Foreplay” because I feel like it has a kind of sexual progression to it. Starting out with sensual vibes, then stripping down to show who you really are (for me, my roots are in proper old school hip-hop), then things just get a bit more intense after to say the least. That might sound blunt but whatever lol. Hopefully it makes sense when you listen.

What are the most-played songs on your personal playlist right now?
Omarion – Say Don’t Go
Future – Karate Chop
Quasimoto – Fatbacks
STWO – You (ft. Sanna Hartfield)
Dwele – Hold On
Gang Starr – Work

Favorite place to DJ in the world?
Any room that’s got eager listeners. Whether it’s one person or 5,000, as long as they get it and are down, then I’m down.

DJs don’t deserve enough credit because…
DJs that are bringing something different to the table(s) with their selections or skills deserve way more credit. The ones that share the exact same playlist as every other commercial club DJ, don’t know what they’re doing, and don’t respect the music realllllly bum me out.


1. Durkin – Khaled’s Lament
2. STWO – Lust
3. Omarion – Admire
4. Drake ft. Sampha – The Motion (instrumental)
5. Sango – Touché Amour
6. Chloe Martini – x 2 / 2
7. Beyonce – Work It Out (Kaytranada Remix)
8. Smif-N-Wessun – Bucktown
9. Queen Latifah – UNITY
10. —
11. Mr. Carmack – ODB
12. TripleTrain – Downtown
13. Yung Satan – Poured Up
14. Butch Clancy – P&B
15. DJ Hoodboi – Lyke A Pro
16. Sango – Owe Me (Ta-ku Remix)
17. Yung Satan – Save Yr Self
18. Color Plus – Woah
19. J.U.D. – Big Booty
20. gLAdiator – You Know Why
21. Busta Rhymes – Gimme Some More


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