Warp and Weft: A Raw Denim Documentary

It seems ironic that denim would become the centerpiece for a movement chiefly spearheaded by the world’s middle class, given the material’s deep roots in working class society. Yet in recent years denim has become one of the iconic commodities within men’s fashion, and from selvedge purists to acid-wash revivalists, a myriad of perspectives inform this ever-expanding niche in exacting detail. Warp and Weft recently released a trailer for their new documentary: “Warp and Weft: A Snapshot of Raw Denim in the United States.” The trailer alludes to how religiously some regard their pants, yet also sheds light on the different faces involved in the manufacturing process. If you care about “whiskering,” or even if you’re curious about denim generally, this documentary is sure to answer any questions that may arise.

Source: Selectism

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