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Petrolicious Dreams of a Maserati Merak SS

The team at Petrolicious deliver another gracious visual treatment, showcasing their passion for classic automobiles. This latest video features an intimate dream from a driver and his stunning Maserati Merak SS – an Italian two-door coupe infamous for its retro streamlined looks and awesome pop-up headlights. Halting its production in 1982, the Maserati Merak boasts a classic Citroen SM dashboard, quad-cam V-6 motor, and an epic soundtrack courtesy of that engine. In a departure from its other video, this one forgoes any narratives or voice-overs, choosing instead to let the car do the talking over a picturesque backdrop. While it’s clear the aficionado dreams of his beloved car, we’re left to wonder what the Maserati dreams of.

Date: Jan 30, 2013  /  Views: 7  /  Author: Arthur Bray
Category: Lifestyle  /  Tags: Maserati, Automotive, Video, Petrolicious