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  • Image of Essentials: Leila Fataar of adidas Originals

Essentials: Leila Fataar of adidas Originals


A common name around London’s events and PR circles, Fataar’s best known for her directorship at SPIN-AGENCY. The forward-thinking PR mainstay led the likes ofĀ Carhartt, Original Penguin and Farah Vintage to new depths with directional strategies in creative branding. Not any average du jour, the empire of SPIN lasted an ardent 12 years before closing its doors last year. While the doors of SPIN might be slammed shut for a good while, Fataar soon found herself opening the gates to adidas’s head office in Germany where she nowĀ currentlyĀ resides. As a senior global PR manager, Fataar oversees PR and digital content worldwide for adidas Originals.

As expected, her Essentials contain a number of adidas items, in addition to a few necessities which keeps the dynamic creative on-the-go. An avid user of up to date technology, Fataar carries a MacBook Pro, Kindle and iPad, which is protected by a Sandqvist cover – a gift from herĀ previousĀ clients, Number Six. While her utilitarian adidas backpack is both functional and modish, a distinctive appreciation for vintageĀ accessoriesĀ is prominentĀ via a multi-leather handbag bought in East London, in addition to anĀ appreciationĀ for high fashion seen in theĀ COMME des GARCONS wallet.Ā As a mother, she keeps a spareĀ pacifierĀ on her always, and chooses to leave her hoopĀ earningsĀ in the car away from the toddler’s reach.Ā A self-confessed tomboy who’s always in sneakers, Fataar adopts a pair of timeless adidas ZX to her latest collection. Last, but most definitely not least, Fataar keeps a box of PG Tips by her ā€“ an essential for any Englishwoman’s general well-being.

Date: Jan 25, 2013  /  Views: 106  /  Author: Arthur Bray  /  Photographer: Ravi Sidhu/Hypebeast
Category: Style  /  Tags: Adidas originals, Essentials, Spin agency, Leila fataar