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  • Image of MellowHype featuring Domo Genesis - Greezy

MellowHype featuring Domo Genesis – Greezy

MellowHype — the joint effort of Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain — has released a new track titled “Greezy,” marking Day 2 in their self-proclaimed “MellowHypeWeek.” Featuring Domo Genesis — who seems to have emerged from his perpetual cloud of weed smoke, displaying improved rhymes of late — the track showcases bass-heavy, synth-based production from Left Brain and deft verses from Hodgy. Numbers, the duo’s upcoming album, is set to hit shelves on October 2; till then, expect a few more tracks to drop as part of the week’s releases. For now, “Greezy” is available for download here.


Date: Sep 13, 2012  /  Views: 7257  /  Author: Jonathan Poh
Category: Music  /  Tags: Mellowhype, Tracks, Domo genesis