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  • Image of IMPOSSIBLE 8x10 Silver Shade Film

IMPOSSIBLE 8×10 Silver Shade Film

On a mission to preserve the instant film format pioneered by Polaroid, Impossible has preserved the last of the requisite production machinery for 8 x 10 film. To commemorate this, IMPOSSIBLE has debuted a limited release of Silver Shade 8 x 10 instant film. Crafted from Silver Shade material and with a film speed of 600 ASA, each pack contains 10 negatives and 10 positives and can be shot using an 8 x 10 camera with an original Polaroid 8 x 10 holder and processor. Set for a September 12 release with a retail price of $190 USD, you can find further details as well as pre-order information at IMPOSSIBLE’s website.

Date: Sep 5, 2012  /  Views: 4  /  Author: James Shorrock
Category: Tech  /  Tags: Polaroid, Cameras, Impossible, Film