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  • Image of Essentials: Greg Rivera of Mishka

Essentials: Greg Rivera of Mishka


Streetwear, the wayward realm of fashion, offers a heavy dose of entrepreneurial tales that have inspired a sea of creatives to follow their own path to garment-slinging righteousness. These stories, although much more common on today’s scene, have still been written with a healthy amount of blood, sweat and tears. Take Greg Rivera for instance. The Co-Founder and President of Mishka started his brand with partner Mikhail on the notion to offer something decidedly different on a creative level. Influenced by the pioneers of street fashion, Rivera turned his rebelliously comical illustrations into a full-fledged clothing line that now retails all over the globe including several flagship locations. With no end to his awesomeness in sight, Rivera has been working on building a chain of retail outlets, a record label, and of course the expansion of Mishka. Having recently interviewed with Grovo about viral branding seen here, the Florida native turns to HYPEBEAST, offering a look at his daily must-haves for another enticing Essentials feature.

Photography: Brandon Shigeta/HYPEBEAST

Date: Sep 5, 2012  /  Views: 138  /  Author: Robert Marshall
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