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Polls: Do the Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations Affect LIVESTRONG's Impact?

The rumors surrounding Lance Armstrong and allegations of doping have been circulating for some time. When the seven-time Tour De France champion and testicular cancer survivor announced last week that he would no longer challenge U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s drug charges, it seemed to mark rock bottom of his dizzying fall from grace. However, despite the dark cloud that still hangs over the cyclist’s once bright star status, it seems difficult to question the good the LIVESTRONG Foundation has done since its inception. Armstrong’s recent announcement in Montreal that the charity would donate an additional $500,000 to promote cancer care access seems to indicate that, at least in his mind, the doping scandal has not yet impacted its social work. Despite that fact, the waters of public opinion on the matter remain as murky as the USADA trial’s findings and there are more than a few questions that need answers. Can Lance Armstrong and LIVESTRONG ever be separated in the public eye, or are the cyclist and his foundation forever linked in scandal? Do the allegations of doping trump the importance of ongoing cancer research? More comprehensively, “Do the Lance Armstrong doping allegations affect LIVESTRONG’s impact?”

Looking back at our last poll in which we asked, “Does Copying Hinder Innovation and Creativity?” the results were pretty close with only a slight majority of the people saying no at 52.4% of the vote, while 47.6% felt that copying does hinder innovation.

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Do the Lance Armstrong Doping Allegations Affect LIVESTRONG's Impact?

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