Made of Imagination with Rich Aucoin

As part of a new video series hosted by MTV in collaboration with Booooooom, the “Made of Imagination” project will call forth the talent of individuals to create a homemade instrument and showcase themselves playing it. Sponsored by Sony Xperia, the series will also follow the creative minds of a select group of musicians as they partake in the challenge to recreate one of their own well-known songs in the same experimental manner. The first episode highlights the work of Canadian artist, Rich Aucoin and a special rendition of the song “it.” Watch as the video documents a unique assortment of sampled sounds and noises as they recorded and mixed perfect into music.

Date: Aug 20, 2012  /  Views: 1  /  Author: Ambrose Leung
Category: Music  /  Tags: Mtv, Music news, Rich aucoin, Sony experia,, Made of imagination