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Moleskine x Evernote Smart Notebook

Blurring the line between analog and digital and allowing for further interplay between the two worlds, Moleskine has teamed up with Evernote to create the new Smart Notebook. The first release from the newly established Moleskine Digital, the notebook allows for creatives to synchronize their work across the analog-digital continuum with “Evernote ruled” and “Evernote squared” page styles that are optimized for snapshots using the new Page Camera feature from Evernote’s iOS app – taking a quick snapshot of one’s notes and sketches instantly uploads the work in a digital format. Additionally, Moleskine Smart Stickers included with the notebook allow for quick and easy workflow tagging for added customization and organization. Large ($29.95 USD) and small ($24.95 USD) versions of the Moleskine x Evernote Smart Notebook are set to debut on October 1 and can be pre-ordered online here.

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