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Made of Imagination with The Sheepdogs

MTV and Sony Xperia have teamed up on an innovative music project titled “Made of Imagination,” which asks artists to re-imagine their songs using unconventional sounds and instruments. In the latest installment, Canadian rock band The Sheepdogs teamed up with a Latino jazz pianist and a Cuban drummer in order to infuse their new single “The Way It Is” with fresh percussive elements. The result is an exciting mash-up of rock ‘n’ roll with Latino soul that is a full realization of what the “Made of Imagination” project intends to accomplish. Also included in the clip is a brief interview with both the group and Latino musicians, whom discuss what drew them to this project. Check out the interview and the performance in its entirety above.

Date: Aug 30, 2012  /  Views: 3  /  Author: Jake Woolf
Category: Music  /  Tags: Sony, Music videos, The sheepdogs, Made of imagination