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HYPEBEAST Eats... Oxtail Fried Rice by Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill Las Vegas

Renowned for ushering in an era of fine dining where reservations are unheard of and the menu offers unique concoctions of familiar and fine foods with ethnic influences, Blue Ribbon and its collection of restaurants continue to push boundaries with simple yet innovative takes on traditional dishes. Their latest eatery, the Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill Las Vegas at the ultra-chic resort Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, was conceived in 2010 to bring Blue Ribbon’s trademark lavish array of dramatically prepared and presented sushi and signature dishes that include beef marrow bones, fried chicken with wasabi honey, and bone-in rib steak to the Las Vegas Strip. In continuing our well-received series HYPEBEAST Eats… the contemporary restaurant details the process behind creating a patron favorite, the rich and flavorful Oxtail Fried Rice. Consisting of complimenting tastes and textures, this sticky rice dish topped with a bone marrow omelet embodies Blue Ribbon’s unconventional yet calculated essence. Be sure to check out this meal and the rest of the globally-inspired menu at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar and Grill Las Vegas on your next visit to Sin City.

Photography: Brandon Shigeta

  1. 01 Egg Crepe
  2. 02 Bone Marrow
  3. 03 Soy Sauce
  4. 04 Mirin
  5. 05 Sesame Oil
  6. 06 Sliced Scallions
  7. 07 Cooked Rice
  8. 08 Diced Shitake Mushroom
  9. 09 Diced Braised Daikon
  10. 10 Diced Braised Oxtail
Step 1
Ingredients from left to right:
(Top) Egg Crepe, Bone Marrow, Soy Sauce, Sliced Scallions, Mirin, Sesame Oil
(Bottom) Cooked Rice, Diced Shitake Mushroom, Diced Braised Daikon, Diced Braised Oxtail.
Step 2
Fill egg crepe with bone marrow.
Step 3
Wrap egg crepe around bone marrow into a parcel shape.
Step 4
Heat egg & marrow in oven until warmed all the way through.
Step 5
Heat bone marrow fat in saute pan until smoking hot.
Step 6
Add soy & mirin braised oxtail meat & saute until a little crispy.
Step 7
Add diced shitake mushroom & saute.
Step 8
Add diced braised daikon radish & saute.
Step 9
Saute 1 min.
Step 10
Add rice.
Step 11
Add salt & white pepper.
Step 12
Pour in soy sauce, sesame oil & mirin mixture.
Step 13
Saute until rice a little crispy.
Step 14
Pour fried rice into bowl.
Step 15
Top with egg parcel.
Step 16
Finish with sliced scallions and serve with hot sauce on side.
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