Factory Five: The Daily Grind of Shanghai's Custom Fixed-Gear Bicycle Workshop

It could be argued that the ‘trend’ of fixed-gear bicycles has all but come full-circle. With piles of distastefully colored or ‘ironic’ “fixies” migrating to Craigslist in droves around the world, those left still riding were the ones that caught the bug and kept it, or were simply riding in the first place. Shanghai fixed-gear workshop Factory Five would like to remind cyclists of the simple joys of fixed-gear cycling, and to illustrate that a simple track bike is still the quickest and most reliable means of getting from urban point ‘A’ to urban point ‘B,’ while still enjoying everything along the way. Case in point: mobbing the post rush-hour traffic gridlock, as it appears towards the end of the video shot masterfully by Charles Lanceplaine. You can check out more of the work from Factory Five at their website here, or you can pay the shop a visit at 876 Jiangsu Lu in Shanghai.

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