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Casio G'zOne Commando Smartphone Review

Building upon their success with previous G’zOne phones Casio brings us their G’zOne Commando, the first smartphone from the G’zOne range. Following their mantra of “Smart but Tough,” the Commando backs up its brains with some considerable brawn. Built to accommodate both business users and those with more rugged pursuits, the Commando will handle anything and everything you can throw at it. You can throw it in the pool, drop it on the floor, even freeze it and it’ll come out working just fine. Brawns aside, this phone possesses some considerable brain power. Being an Android phone, you get access to the Android marketplace and all the apps contained within. In addition, you get a whole suite of G’zOne apps right from the get go. For those of you with an inclination for the outdoors, this suite of apps will allow you to plan and track trips, check the current temperature, point yourself in the right direction with the compass, track the tides, and gaze at the stars. With the 5 megapixel camera you can capture all the best moments of the trip you just planned.

Urban jungle dwellers will also find plenty to appreciate about the phone. If you prefer talking on speaker you’ll find that the Commando has you covered with the highest speaker volume in the smartphone category. There’s also a 3.5mm headphone jack if you prefer talking into a mic or just want to listen to music. Texters will enjoy the XT9 software which allows you to trace letters across the keyboard instead of tapping away, while business users will feel confident knowing that the phone’s security features are as rugged as its exterior. The built-in Exchange Active Sync (EAS) system ensures that your files, work-related or otherwise, stay in your hands only. Support for Flash ensures that when not on business, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of what the web has to offer.

The Commando, with its extensive feature set will appeal to users regardless of whether or not they need a phone that can handle the elements. However, it’s when the phone is braving the elements that it’s at its best. The rugged design of the Commando inspires confidence and you can rest easy knowing that it will handle whatever life may throw its way.

To celebrate the phone’s heralded toughness, Casio is releasing a series of video shorts showcasing the high-octane sporting environments in which the phone is designed to excel, like longboarding, parkour, climbing, and base jumping. Powered by the wireless carrier Verizon, the phone is billed as both ‘smart,’ and ‘tough,’ capable of withstanding water immersion, repeated drops, and prolonged exposure to dust, while offering the user an intelligent interface and a bevy of features for life in the boardroom as well.

You can stay abreast of any other new information regarding the forthcoming G’zOne here. For HYPEBEAST news relating to the project, a special microsite is available, unveiling the full scope of the G’zOne Commando Smartphone. Additionally head over the G’zOne Facebook page for daily updates.

Photography: HYPEBEAST

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