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  • Image of ABSOLUT UNIQUE: 4 Million Uniquely Artful Bottles

ABSOLUT UNIQUE: 4 Million Uniquely Artful Bottles

From ABSOLUT VODKA comes a new creative innitiative: the ABSOLUT UNIQUE which consists of close to 4 million uniquely designed bottles to grace shelves worldwide. The liquor brand has always been at the forefront in introducing creative collaboration efforts from a range of artists, but in this particular project, ABSOLUT has decided to take the artistic reigns. Using a mix of 38 different colors and 51 pattern types, applied through splash guns and color-generating machines, each bottle produced was ensured that it would look one-of-a-kind. Set to be released September 3, the horde of uniquely designed vodka bottles are out there for a fitting drinker to find just the right style. Check the video below to see how it was all done with more information available at the ABSOLUT website.

Date: Aug 31, 2012  /  Views: 119  /  Author: Alex Lendrum
Category: Design  /  Tags: Absolut, Industrial design, Absolut vodka