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Polls: Is Print Dead?

It has been the case for some time now that, with the influx of digital media and the internet, the decline of print has been steady and substantial. While traditional print magazines, newspapers and other publications struggle to keep up with the urgency and fast-paced demand that digital mediums are more than happy to provide, print is something that although it is on the decline, perhaps still has relevance. As Herbert Lui so well exposed in his Op-Ed, “Re(de)fining Print and the Resurgence of the Magazine,” maybe what needs to be reconsidered is the more traditional mode to which print publications function off of; a filtering process of sorts that could usher in a new and re-imagined print era. He also points out that there is a desire for “better print,” and an operation that is less bastardized by advertising in favor of focusing on better content and a higher quality end product.

Yet on the other hand, there is certainly much to be said about the significantly higher overhead in creating, producing and distributing a print publication versus an online or otherwise digital publication. Aside from the debatability of profit margins, as a reader and one who consumes various forms of media through a multitude of ways, can you imagine a world in which 100% of your information and content was consumed strictly through a digital medium? Is print dead? Cast your vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comment section on the status of print.

Looking back at our last poll in which we asked, “Should Established Brands Change Their Name?” the majority of people responded with “No,” which held 84.5% of the vote, while 15.5% stated “Yes.”

Is Print Dead?

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