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"Deep Fried Gadgets" by Henry Hargreaves

Tempura-battered and submerged in sizzling 400-degree oil, these fried gadgets were fortunately faux and made of decorated foam core. Inspired by this crazy Japanese youth who attempted a real fry and taste of his PSP, photographer Henry Hargreaves enlisted the help of food stylist Caitlin Levin to produce this series of beautifully surreal “Deep Fired Gadgets.” Frying up your electronics appears to be a natural progression that is catching on, and Hargreaves explains this phenomenon quite succinctly: “With this series I guess there is a comment about consumption and the similarities with the way we are obsessed with the ‘new’ gadget. We get it, are obsessed by it and then discard it. Just like fast food!” It looks good though.

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