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PROCESS: Chambord Vodka Mixer

While there is certainly something to be said for having a few go-to drinks that you frequent on a night out, every so often, after the customary Jack and Coke, Long Island Iced Tea and Vodka Tonic-type drinks have run their course – a new mixer just may be what is needed. Or – what’s better than putting people onto a new mixed drink at that annual summer BBQ you host every year? Drawing its characteristics from a luxe raspberry liquor that was said to have been served to King Louis XIV during the late 17th century, the storied Chambord Black Raspberry Vodka essence is a welcome option to pair with your summertime boat shoes and khaki shorts steez. Having been perfecting the notes and infusions of its all-natural taste for many years, our latest PROCESS focuses on Chambord Vodka as one of the quintessential ingredients to a new mixer aptly titled, “The Chambord Vodka Mixer.” While the drink is simple enough to be easily replicated, each of the ingredients bring about a balance that embolden the natural palette of the Chambord itself while augmenting the experience with fresh notes that are fitting of a refreshing mixed drink. Setting up shop at the Blind Barber, this PROCESS shows the ins and outs of the new Chambord Vodka Mixer.

Photography: Brandon Shigeta/HYPEBEAST

Step 1 / The Ingredients
- Chambord Vodka
- Lemon
- Grape Juice
- Soda
- Crushed Ice
Step 2 / Peel Lemon
Begin by peeling the skin from the lemon into a thin slice.
Step 3 / Garnish Glass
Take the peeled lemon and set it in the glass. The garnish will not only provide a nice presentation touch, but will also play a role in the end taste and flavor of the drink.
Step 4 / Crush Ice
Once you have set up your glass with the proper lemon garnish, the next step is to crush ice cubes that will serve to chill the drink.
Step 5 / Pour Grape Juice
Add grape juice to the metal mixer in which you just crushed the ice.
Step 6 / Pour Vodka
Now, grab the Chambord Vodka and add it to the mix of grape juice and crushed ice.
Step 7 / Squeeze Lemon
Squeeze an ample amount of lemon juice into the mix.
Step 8 / Shake
Cap the mixer and shake to combine all ingredients.
Step 9 / Pour Into Glass
Pour the mixed drink into the garnished glass.
Step 10 / Fill With Soda
Top off the glass with soda.
Step 11 / Mix
Stir the drink to infuse the soda, Chambord and juices together.
Step 12 / Final
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