PROCESS: Candle Vessels by Joya

For New York-based Joya, the operation launched by Frederick Bouchardy has adopted a hands-on process in the creation of each and every candle that comes through its atelier. Its artisanal approach to producing unique vessels and its crystalling natural wax blend are an indication to Joya’s dedication to its craft. In this PROCESS piece, we examine the steps required to create one of Joya’s specially created candle holders designed by Sarah Cihat. For the brand, they have often pushed transparency in their methods in hopes of inciting dialog which surely helps drive the agenda when it comes producing innovation and creativity. For more information on Joya, head over to their website.

Photography: Andrew Chen
Step 1 / Pour custom colored liquid slip
Liquid porcelain slip is poured into a plaster mold.
Step 2 / Empty (and ultimately reuse) excess porcelain
The plaster mold wicks moisture from the slip, creating a shell. The excess slip is then poured out to be used again.
Step 3 / Allow vessels to take shape
The molds rest upside down while the shell dries and hardens to create a stable piece.
Step 4 / Remove cast piece from mold
The mold is opened, and the piece is removed to be cleaned.
Step 5 / Smooth surface of solid greenware
The piece is cleaned with a wet sponge, eliminating mold lines and smoothing its surface.
Step 6 / Empty kiln of fired porcelain and apply decals
After firing overnight in a kiln at up to 2250 degrees, the porcelain, which is no longer “green,” will be prepared for hand application of illustrations / decals, which are fired again at up to 1600 degrees.
Step 7 / Pour molten wax and fragrance oil blend
Molten wax is blended with fragrance oil and, in this case, color, which is then poured into the ceramic container. For a small batch like this, they are poured by hand. At most, the process is semi-automatic.
Step 8 / Insert cotton braided wicks
A custom tool created for each container is used to make space in the hardening wax for a wick, which is pre-tabbed and coated so that it remains upright. This ensures the wick will be straight and encourages an even burn.
Step 9 / Finished product
Light and enjoy.
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