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  • Image of GLEN CLYDE & LIFE SOX 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

GLEN CLYDE & LIFE SOX 2012 Spring/Summer Collection

Made in Japan, yet boasting an All-American aesthetic, the GLEN CLYDE & LIFE SOX pay homage to the chromatic history and visual tenants of America’s heritage. Featuring a customary red, white and blue colorway, the thick knit socks are set on a navy cotton base with optional American flag knitting or horizontally-striped linework. The calf-high socks retain a heavy thickness that afford long lasting construction, while attenuate stitching and threading supplies the custom-designed socks with a level of durability and longevity.

Photography: HYPEBEAST

Date: Mar 19, 2012  /  Views: 10  /  Author: alexmaeland
Category: Style  /  Tags: Accessories, Socks, Fashion, Glen clyde, Glen clyde & life sox