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Enzo Ferrari Museum by Future Systems

A specimen of beautifully designed and detailed architecture, Andrea Morgante recently completed the Future Systems development of the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy. After winning a bid to design the museum in 2004, Future Systems dissolved following the 2009 death of its lead architect Jan Kaplicky. Picking up where his designs left off, Morgante lead the completion of the project to the same specifics as the original Kaplicky plan – a blueprint that projected an incredible fusion of the Enzo Ferrari automotive DNA into the structural integrity of the museum. The sculpted yellow aluminum roof of the museum gives nod to the air intake vents on the vehicles while expertly defined incisions along the roof afford the interior a strategic level of light to highlight the subtle nuances and details of each car’s body. Clean and unbridled, the interior of the museum boasts a spotless white expanse that features white walls, floors and roof, effectively accentuates the sheen and polish of each Enzo Ferrari within its ranks.

Source: designboom

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