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POW WOW Hawai’i 2012 Finale

I don’t think it came as much of a surprise to many when the doors to POW WOW 2012′s opening reception finally opened on the evening of Saturday 18th. With the anticipation building up all week, it wasn’t long until the combined areas of Loft in Space, Fresh Cafe, the mezzanine area, and the outdoor area were packed to the brim with local art fans and curious art show first-timers alike.

The energy of the event was electric – artists collaborating on canvases – whether by chance or by plan. Coinciding with the opening reception was the opening of the Arkitip Magazine Project Space and Eugene Kan’s “Day Job?” photography exhibition, adding to the mania of the overall spectacle. Hell, at one stage, there may have actually been more women than men at a graffiti show. Is that a world first? As the night progressed the artists became bolder and the boundaries began to relax, going over each other’s work (with all due respect) and adding onto existing pieces, painting on not-so-sanctioned areas of the gallery and generally letting their creative minds loose. When the dust finally cleared, it was incredible seeing a true living art space evolve, and over the short 4 hour span of the opening reception. Again, a very true representation of the spirit of the event – a meeting, a holoholo, a convergence, a gathering of minds – a POW WOW.

Drunk Australians, 30 people in a van, garden snakes, Extreme Eugene – I suppose what happened at the after/after-after/after-after-after party will stay at the afterparty. Or on facebook. You’ll just have to come next year to find out what it’s like.

Look out for the official event videos and recaps soon by Mike Inouye as well as a shoutout to Nodie and Sam for letting us stay at Utopium Estate.

Until then, aloha, and mucho mahalos to POW WOW 2012. Thank you for one of the most incredible community events I have ever experienced. Please look for a more personal wrap-up on my blog.

Until 2013!

Editor’s Note: Frank Liew is the founder and creative head of Qubic Store, based in Auckland New Zealand. A frequent flyer and part-time global adventurer, he is in charge of the creative direction of co-branded projects and initiatives with Qubic Store and its list of brand clients, including Nike Sportswear, adidas Originals, New Balance, Casio G-Shock and others. Frank is also a contributing writer for local national newspapers, sites and international publications, including Obscura Magazine, the New Zealand Herald, The Denizen, and is a resident blogger on HYPEBEAST and THINK SILLY. A fan of cynical tweets and a partially serious runner with Team GIRA, Frank also harbors a rather bad addiction for cameras, most things on four & two wheels… and the occasional giant gummy bear.

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