Modern Day Artisans: Duffy Jewellery

There is something to be said about seeing a project from start to finish. Beginning to end. For Duffy Jewellery, his more than 14-year history in the bespoke accessory world first began with an early involvement working as an antique restorer. Maintaining an acutely intimate connection with his work, Duffy lives and works in an unassuming East London atelier, setting his own schedule, yet dedicating his complete attention to each individually detailed and handcrafted piece of jewellery from his namesake collection. Resisting machine manufacturing and otherwise abusive production techniques, Duffy thrives on the subtle nuances and distinctions that present themselves in the final product resulting from his fusion of handcrafted design and locally sourced materials. Giving nod to the precision found in sculptures or the grandeur and breadth captured by larger canvases, each rigorously embellished ring, necklace, chain, and bracelet is a testament of Duffy’s individuality and passion.

Director: Chris Read

As is often the case within the realm of specialized trades and niche skill sets, the growing shift toward accelerated efficiency has begun to drive out the once revered group of craftsmen. In our latest HBTV feature Modern Day Artisans, we highlight a range of individuals who have become experts in their field, effectively maintaining the authenticity, originality and art of their respective trade.

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