Continuing to place a heavy emphasis on layered outfits, draped garments and oversized knitwear, Damir Doma introduces its forthcoming Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Somewhat downplaying the intricacies of each heavily detailed piece, the designer selected a decidedly understated color palette characterized by basic navy, black, grey and sand-colored hues. The color combination affords each garment a degree of wearability that would be arguably more difficult to pair and outfit were they fabricated in bolder tones. Likely playing to many of the design sensibilities garned during his mentorship with Raf Simons, each of the pieces from the Damir Doma spring/summer assortment manages to stay aloof from its counterparts while pulling off a cohesive aesthetic when layered side-by-side.

Photography: Rory van Millingen/LN-CC

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