Lotuff Leather 2012 Fall/Winter Bag Collection

Craftsmanship. A word that is often tossed around loosely, yet all-too-rarely genuinely explored within the production process of today’s leather goods makers. For New England-based Lotuff Leather, a focus on craftsmanship and handmade quality is paramount to everything — yet they also happen to make some of the better looking Made in America leather goods items around.

For Fall/Winter 2012 the brand has released the Leather Working Tote and Leather Trunk Duffle Bag that coincide with its ethos of functional and long-lasting essentials that are as sartorial as they are blue collar. A relatively understated build, the two-handle bags are built from a vegetable-tanned leather that has been aged for months and soaked in an assortment of organic elements to create a naturally worn aesthetic. Both the bags are now offered, alongside other staple pieces, directly from the Lotuff Leather online store.

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