PROCESS: How To Make a Tattoo Machine by NORM

The ageless craft of body art aids in paving the way for many of its modern day practitioners to expand their creative mind and explore various art forms. Although some may take to tattooing as a means to fund their struggling art career, many also use it as a way of continuing the search for creativity. Early on Cali-bred creative NORM found solace in the Bay Area streets tagging vacant walls with his signature style and love for urban culture. Aided through the support of the AWR/MSK crew and a growing network of colleagues from his emerging tattoo vocation, NORM raised through the ranks of notable graffiti artists turning his eye once again to the world of fine art. With a dedicated and passionate work ethic rarely seen, his trademark street art, precise calligraphy and analytical portrayal of the female form have been praised in galleries around the globe earning him worldwide acclaim. In his latest undertaking, NORM has entered the realm of machine artistry crafting his own line of intricate, signature tattoo machines. Advancing our introspecting PROCESS series, the multifaceted craftsman allows us to document the evolution behind fabricating one of these renowned tools in his Los Angeles studio and tattoo shop, Will Rise.

Photography: Brandon Shigeta/HYPEBEAST

Step 1 / Materials
Materials for Handmade Tattoo Machine.
Step 2 / The First Cut
First cut.
STEP 3 / Measurement
Measuring for the Vice Clamp.
Step 4 / Braising
Step 5 / Grinding
Step 6 / Polishing
Step 7 / Machine Blueing
Machine blueing.
Step 8 / Drying
Step 9 / Trade Secrets
Tricks of the trade.
Step 10 / Fitting
Fitting the vice together.
Step 11 / The Details
Fancy details.
Step 12 / Assembly
Step 13 / Assembly Pt. 2
Assembly part 2.
Step 14 / The Spring
Smoothing the spring.
Step 15 / Clearance
Checking clearance.
Step 16 / Engraving
Step 17 / Almost Finished
Almost finished.
Step 18 / Tuning
Step 19 / Prep for Testing
Put it all together and now, trying it out.
Step 20 / Testing
Working like a charm.
Step 21 / Results
Sickass Tat.
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