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Pharrell Williams and Zaha Hadid 'Places and Spaces I’ve Been' Excerpt

In support of his recently released book Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been with Rizzoli, NOWNESS has dug up an excerpt that illustrates just how many artistic mediums the book covers. Sitting down with Pritzker prize-winning architect Zaha Hadid to talk radical design and future collaborations, the casual back-and-forth exchange covers various architectural ideas and the possibility of endless endeavors. In speaking about the project Williams commented, “I have never believed in boundaries. If I was forced to work within them I would already be in a mad house. It’s really not in my DNA.” Pharrell: Places and Spaces I’ve Been can be purchased at Amazon for $32 USD.

Pharrell Williams: Well you happen to be my favorite architect.

Zaha Hadid: Oh, thank you so much!

PW: And favorite designer, I love everything you do—

ZH: Well we should do something together, Pharrell.

PW: Oh please, I would love to, love to, love to, love to. Even down to the shoes that you designed for Melissa. Those were amazing. [Editor’s note: Hadid’s studio designed shoes for the Brazilian label in 2009.]

ZH: Yeah, no they’re nice, well you know we work hard. We work very hard on our—let’s say—repertoire. All these years, even when it was difficult, it sort of somehow paid off in a sense because you have a repertoire, you can tackle different problems and so I think that was very important.

PW: With my next project, after my next chair, I would love to do a prefab house, have you ever done a prefab?

ZH: No, but I’ve done temporary structures. So I think the prefab could be interesting.

PW: The average single-bedroom trailer or mobile home is somewhere between $40,000 to $70,000, and two bedrooms range to about $99,000. They say that we are bouncing back from the recession, but in a lot of areas, especially the housing sector—

ZH: It’s not coming back…

PW: …at all. So I felt that if we would make something that was about $75,000 to $100,000 that we would could do something really fun and really next-level that could change the game, you know?

ZH: No, of course.

PW: So if you’ll be into it I’d love to talk to you about doing prefab houses together.

ZH: That would be very exciting.

PW: First of all, I’m super excited. I’m not going to jump up and down and run out of breath. Then we won’t finish the interview. But when we finish I will do that…Because I’m a big kid!

ZH: [Laughs]


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