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EYESCREAM: Masaaki Honma Interview

Despite mastermind JAPAN’s entirely expected design ethos which factors heavily in the use of black and skulls, the brand has secured a dizzying array of high profile colalborations and projects over its almost 15-year lifetime. Speaking with EYESCREAM magazine, founder Masaaki Honma discusses one particular aspect of shutting down the brand which is set to take place in 2013. An interpretation of the interview is below.

“When I ran a fashion show in Paris to commemorate the 10th anniversary, I couldn’t imagine the brand would be able to continue, however grateful I am to my customers. At the same time, I thought ‘What would be the best gift I could give back through the brand?’ and thought of ideas for this.

That is, I believe the best gift of all is to be able to buy clothes that doesn’t depreciate in value. Fanatics all around the world claim value in vintage products, which helps counteract the inevitable collapse of their high original price. Most satisfied customers of MMJ find sense in this idea.

On the other hand, some customers may look to continue that route and therefore while the fashion business is still overshadowed by this practice, it is not worth the time to combat it once it starts to peak. Before that happens, ‘I want to create decorative clothing’ is a very important way of approaching fashion to which many people feel. This would help to distribute value to the depreciation of MMJ clothing and is best for my customers. I couldn’t see this 10 years ago. Therefore in 1 or 2 years I wanted to create something popular to be loyal to my fans but also to complete within 5 years.

Looking back, I have changed my thoughts of disagreement and rebellion with the fashion industry. I feel there are so many designers now a days with new-aged methodologies towards their creations. I’m not a sore loser to them though by any means. (laughs)”

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