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  • Image of Gareth Pugh Leather iPad Case

Gareth Pugh Leather iPad Case

If you’re looking for a truly fashionable take on the iPad case, look no further. Gareth Pugh’s interpretation is made-up of premium leather stamped with a geometric pattern that actually functions as padding. All the accents are done in gold for a contrast that is reminiscent of those ’90s Chanel bags, which look as luxurious now as they did back then. At a price point of £645 GBP (approximately $1,004 USD), it’s good to know that the case is at least made in Italy. It can be purchased here, for those interested.

Date: Sep 30, 2011  /  Views: 7  /  Author: Jonny
Category: Style  /  Tags: Accessories, Fashion, Gareth pugh, Apple ipad